Programming is a way to make certain tasks quicker, cheaper or easier to performer. Or, to achieve all of the three with one application or system. We have wide scope of experience, we know everything what’s needed to create efficient program: analytics, algorithms, different branches of economy, coding and optimizations.

Custom software

We project and implement systems supporting unique business processes in the best available way. During analysis we get to know activities in project scope in order to recommend the best tools and solutions. We use agile method of programming. During the project we perform additional analyses, release modules nad functionalities for tests, listen to end users opinions. We know that success is often build on ideas introduced during realization phase.

Maintainance and development

Systems and applications in companies require continuous care – they perform better and more securely. Our team offers maintanence services for systems deleoped by us or bought on the market or developed internally. We update software according to our knowledge and provide its highest possible utility.
When expectations, internal or external conditions, processes change beyond maintenance, we implement needed developments. That is why we usually have long lasting relations with our clients – we maintain and develop systems in order to guarantee expected level of support to the business.


Nowdays the amount of processed data is immense. However often inconsistency and dispersion do not allow using them to their full potential. Sometimes employees manipulate data manually or sub-manually using i.e. Excel. Our experts analyze all data gathered and processed within company. Basing on that analysis they project and implement integrating solutions grating consist, secure and efficient data manipulation and full dimensional analyses. We integrate all types of IT solutions, including market applications and systems developed by third parties.

Andrzej is in charge of Developers Team.
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„It is a big step for us – we get rid of Excel,
change assortment management business processes,
we have better control over ware in our stores”

Jarosław Usowski, IT Director, Empik Sp. z o.o.

Case study

For the major Polish commercial chain selling books and media products we have created the system for sales area and stocking management, which supports over 300 end users.

Key features:

  • reading plans in AutoCAD format to the database
  • graphical interface for creating visualizations of salons with ‘drag and drop’ method
  • sales area and stocking management

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