About us

The company has been established in Poland in 1991.
Since 2010 it has been successfully serving Clients
both on home and foreign markets.

We are IT enthusiasts, who gained experience from different backgrounds:
research, consulting companies and creating computer games.
We are engaged in challenging projects.
We all take part in decision-making, learning from each other.
All of that is reflected in the quality of solutions delivered to our Clients.

Dominik Ostrowski, CEO

Head of Opcja.pl since 2000.
He works for 16 years in the field of web services.
Customers appreciate his ability to explain complicated matters in approachable way, firm conclusions and realism.

Łukasz Aranowski, Member of the Board

He is highly experienced project manager in the field of e-commerce and logistics. He has introduced several strategic solutions in leading companies of Polish publishing industry. He consults clients on defining business areas to improve and setting key performance indicators measuring success of implemented projects.

Andrzej Szerszeń, Member of the Board

For several years he designs and audits IT systems.
Clients profit from his experience and high analytical skills obtaining precise scope description and recommendations of effective tools and optimal method of project management. Thanks to his meticulousness, projects support achieving business objectives to a maximal extend and are implemented right on schedule.

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