Marketing and communication

Marketing and communication

Marketing is not only about defining AdWords campaign parameters, designing banner or writing claim. For us marketing starts with understanding product and whole organization. We plan complex strategy of Internet presence and interacting with clients via different communication channels. We take care of content, way of its serving and impression it makes on consumers.

Communication Strategy Consulting

We cross-examine products and companies. We check their strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and market threads. We analyze activity and offer of the competition. We define the uniqe selling point to consumers, test its functionality and satisfaction they give. We help setting price and target group. We build multichannel communication strategy. We project every step of selling process and recommend indicators which measure efficiency of particular activities.


Name and description of product or service influence buying decisions of the customers. Generating trustworthiness and positive emotions, avoiding ambiguity and providing information adjusted to medium and target group are key factors of success. We build brands, marketing messages, copy of advertising, blog posts and social portals’ communication. We write articles for portals and other Internet services. We also provide translation and correction services.

Websites and e-commerce

We have experience in building, maintaingin and modifying www services and online shops. We know that they fulfill many roles and we focus on those most important. We know current trends – we design services friendly to customers with high usability, modern or traditional, accessible from mobile devices. We know what helps in getting high positions in search engines and high conversion numbers.

Internet marketing

We take complex care of marketing presence in Internet. We plan and conduct view campaing, mailings, text campaign in different models of payment. We test different channels and messages – that is why we locate budget efficiently and constantly optimize our spending. We cooperate with bloggers and portals. We organize sales and PR promotions. We help in building clients’ own data base and recommend their usage.

” We have improved the efficiency of our work. In this way we avoided the unnecessary growth of employment.”

Agnieszka Olszewska,
Co-owner of Blue-Sails

Case study

Our long-term cooperation with Blue-Sails consists of technical and conceptual support of Internet marketing.

  • Implementation and maintenance of the service
  • Bidding system and Yacht Catalogue (custom software)
  • Copywriting and content marketing
  • E-marketing campaigns
  • Social media activity

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