Our experts:

  • are experienced proffesionals,
  • will look at things from a different angle,
  • will compare processes and solutions with other companies
  • will dedicate the exactly needed amount of time,
  • are not bound to existing processes and relations,
  • will recommend optimal solutions.

Process optimization

We closely analize all the processes in a company: we inteview employees, observe performance, read the documents. We write up procedures, even those contained in employees’ heads. We identify justifications (or lack of them) of the business practice. We find the sources of competitive advantage: strategic processes, performed in an unique way, having income-increase potential. We also point out the sources of inefficiency or variability: redundant, sub-optimal activities. We recommend solutions granting achieving business objectives: income increase, costs reduction, quality improvement. We advise implementation of specified tools and support introducing the change to the organization.

E-commerce Logistics

We advise online stores at every stage of development. We are building a full logistic processes for online stores from the supply chain through magazine management to the effective orders delivery. We show how to
organize and handle ancillary processes, such as reimbursements. We help our customer to choose the logistics operator, or build from scratch saling process. We optimize existing warehouse management, support systems integration (sales platform, WMS, shipping management etc.) and together with the customer
we create an IT architecture. We help to create algorithms for supplier selection, pricing and availability management.

Security audit

We analyze IT security level. We check IT and functional solutions ability to guarantee continuity of business and prevent any loss of protected information. We provide actual information about current security level and recommend amendments in order to maximize protection. We point out threats coming from different sources like nets integration (i.e. local net with public Internet) or potential dangers resulting from actions of internal net users. We audit IT devices, software, license, systems and hardware. Basing on analyzed data and business practice we create Information Security Policy.

Dominik is the head of IT Consulting Services
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